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Tooth Pain Relief Treatment in Plainfield IL

Tooth pain can be felt in or around a tooth when chewing, consuming hot or cold food or drinks, or even when at rest. Toothaches tend to occur as a result of some kind of tooth trauma or a dental condition, such as a cracked tooth, dental cavity, advanced gum disease, or an exposed tooth root. However, you may also experience tooth pain due to disorders of the jaw joint, known as the temporomandibular joint. The severity of the [...]

Tooth Colored Fillings Near Me, Plainfield IL

Searching for tooth colored fillings near me? Our dental practice is the right place for you. We are dedicated to providing excellent dental services. Our experienced dentist will take you through the details of everything involved in the tooth colored fillings procedure. With this, we can help restore the natural appearance of your teeth. But how much do you know about tooth-colored fillings or their benefits? What are Tooth Colored Fillings? Tooth colored fillings, also known as composite or [...]

Top Rated Dentist Near Me, Plainfield IL

A quality dentist can help provide adequate care for your dental health, treat dental issues, and eventually improve your overall dental hygiene. However, before choosing a new dentist, it is important that you carry out detailed research. If you need a top rated dentist near me, our dental practice is the ideal place to turn to. We are a reputable dental practice committed to offering top-class dental services and solutions to both young and adult patients. At our dental [...]

Teeth Whitening Near Me – FAQs | Plainfield IL

Is tooth whitening safe? Yes. The procedure is safe and effective when done by a dentist during the first visit, and under a dentist’s supervision for subsequent treatments. That said, everyone should first visit a dentist for a thorough examination and diagnosis to ensure you’re a good candidate for a safe, brighter, whiter smile. How does teeth whitening work? The bleaching product (usually hydrogen peroxide) is applied on the surface of your teeth using trays that fit snugly on [...]

Why Teeth Cleanings in Plainfield IL are Vital To Your Health

Studies show that as many as 90% of adults experience some form of periodontal disease at one point in their lives. Gum disease is caused by the unchecked build-up of bacteria in your mouth. In severe cases, the bacteria can get into your bloodstream and make its way to various body tissues and exacerbates diabetes, heart disease, and other illnesses. Your dental professional can help you manage your oral health and prevent bacteria buildup through dental cleanings. What Happens [...]

Welcome to Your Dentist in Plainfield

At Magical Smiles, we understand the importance of having a dental practice that provides you with exceptional care. Our staff is committed to serving each and every patient with attentive care and impeccable dental work. As one of our patients, you deserve nothing less. Our practice provides general dentistry services including the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of a wide variety of conditions and diseases that affect your teeth, gums, and oral health. We Are Committed to Your Oral Health At [...]

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