Types of Dental Implants

If you are a candidate for dental implants, a “one-size-fits-all” approach doesn’t work for every patient. At Magical Smiles in Plainfield, we conveniently offer several different types of dental implant treatments, each of which can be custom-tailored to meet your smile-restoration needs. As part of our restorative dentistry services, all our dental implant rehabilitations are performed by board-certified Periodontist Dr. Jyoti Puri, DDS, PhD.

What types of dental implants are there?

Dental implants have now been used as successful dental restorations for over 30 years. More than five million dental implants are placed in the U.S. each year. 

At Magical Smiles, we offer these types of dental implants:

Same-day dental implants

As the name implies, same-day, or “one-day,” dental implants can be completed during a single appointment, as opposed to weeks or even months worth of office visits. Although this type of implant is not for everyone, same-day dental implants use technology that allows the post holding the abutment to fuse to the jawbone better than other methods. There are also several different types of same-day dental implants, including immediate-load implants (ILIs), mini dental implants, and All-on-4 dental implants.

Single tooth dental implant

A single dental implant is an ideal choice when one tooth is missing and you want to replace it for optimal aesthetics, comfort, and function. Single implants require one dental crown that connects to the implant screw.

Full mouth dental implants

Also called an “implant-supported bridge,” full mouth implants are a viable option for those who are missing multiple teeth. The implant acts as an anchor that supports the entire fixed bridge (overdenture). Once in place, the fixed overdenture restores normal function by preventing other teeth from moving, ultimately improving eating, speaking, and smiling comfort.

All-on-X (Teeth Express) dental implants

As a newer innovation in same-day implant technology, All-on-4 implants might be recommended by Dr. Puri when you are seeking a secure solution for replacing a lot of missing teeth. As a permanent restoration, a Teeth Express system restores your entire upper or lower arch using only four to six (All-on-6) implants rather than one per tooth. The fixed bridge (overdenture) can conveniently be removed by a dental professional for routine cleanings and dental exams. 

Call us today and let us help you decide

At Magical Smiles in Plainfield, our restorative dentistry solutions magically help patients achieve the smiles of their dreams. To learn more about the different types of dental implants that we offer or to schedule a free dental implant consultation with Dr. Puri, please contact us today at 815-436-2406.

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August 1, 2023

Friendly, professional and responsive. I’ll be back

July 31, 2023

Dentist and staff were all great! I think this will be our permanent spot now. They made the kids comfortable, and took time to explain everything. Thank You!

July 20, 2023

Courteous Efficient Good service Good value

July 13, 2023

I came for an emergency appointment and liked this practice so much that I am making them my regular dental practice. Everyone was very friendly and professional. Dr Sharma did a great job treating my issue and it was easy and painless! I will be recommending this practice to everyone.

July 11, 2023

The staff is genuinely friendly. Nicole, with whom I had first contact when I made my appointment, and Heather, the dental assistant were both extremely welcoming. Dr. Sharma is so kind and attentive. He communicated with me during the proceedure and put me at ease. He was also patient when numbing my mouth; making sure that I was comfortable before he continued. He called me after my visit to check and find out if I had any questions. When I called the office with a minor concern days after my visit, I received a prompt reply. I am so grateful for the doctor and his staff. I recommend his practice for everyone.

June 28, 2023

Awesome Dentist! He was very thorough before and during the procedure. 😊 Great Customer Service & Friendly Staff. This place definitely left a smile on my face. I will recommend Magical Smiles to everyone. 😁

June 22, 2023

I recently has my four wisdom teeth removed by Dr. Sharma. I cannot say enough good things about him and his staff. I was really nervous but he definitely put me at ease and it was such a smooth experience. His whole staff is so nice, they will definitely take care of you here.

June 19, 2023

Can not express the amount of CARE and SYMPATHY Dr. Puri gave me without ever seeing me before. I suffered for 8 day under a different dentist. She was BOOKED but said to me, "I can not let someone suffer in pain like you are". I was like a 5 year old with tears and fears. She brushed my head and placed ice on my forehead. Communicated all steps before hand. THAT IS WHAT WE NEED IN A DENTIST. 18 MILLION STARS

June 16, 2023

My wife and I are here in Illinois visiting old friends. Been having an issue with my teeth and gums. I knew of the problem but was unable to get it taken care of before leaving home in New Mexico. My problem worsened. A friend recommended Dr. Jyoti Puri. I was able to get in due to a cancellation. Staff was great in helping me get my records from New Mexico. Everyone from start to finish was exceptional. My dental issue was worse than I thought. Dr. Puri explained clearly in terms I could understand and presented me with some options. Her care and skills made my procedure as painless as possible. Her surgical assistants Michelle and Griselda also were great with x rays and assisting in the procedure. 5 STARS PLUS! HIGHLY RECCOMMEND